"Women Coming Together (WCT)"  is a women´s group created in Greenwich (London) in 2022. Facilitated by Raquel, women meet regularly, share experiences and learn tips, tools and strategies to better cope with struggles in life. The group is becoming a small community where women not only share and learn, but also build friendship.

 If you are curious and want to know if this group is also for you, come along! You are welcome. 

Meet-ups in 2022

Attendance confirmation is required by email: 

Oct. 7 / Nov. 5 / Dec. 3
From 10:00 To 13:00
Greenwich West Community & Arts Centre
141 Greenwich High Rd, London SE10 8JA, UK
Room 15    (Free Entrance)

Life Puzzle

We work with educational institutions and organizations who want to support their alumni (18+ years old) in their educational and life journey,  with strategies and tools that help them make the most of their experience. 

Students will learn to get to know themselves better, identify and break unhealthy patterns and replace them with good ones, practice the art of turning "reds" (limiting beliefs) into "greens" (new possibilities), make conscious choices about their lives and careers, and build structures which help them to move forward.


Focused and individualized training around 9 topics:
- Stepping into the journey of leader-self
- Defining the authentic and unique self- Dealing with struggles and challenges
- Understanding others better (empathy and compassion)
- Making conscious and intentional choices
- Having difficult/brave conversations
- Creating good relationships with others
- Moving from good to great relationships
- Blossom!  the transformed self

Structure & format:

The program will be co-created with the educational institution or organization based on students´ needs and considering these variables: 

One 2-hours masterclass or workshop every quarter of the year
1:1 coaching or mentoring sessions
Virtual, in-person or hybrid 


These are three key elements to bring magic to your life.
I can support you to master them. 


Having difficult conversations is, most of the times, a real challenge. In stressful situations, thoughts and feelings can hook you and pull you away from your values, and you may behave in a way that you regret later on.

The Brave Conversations Model, with its 8 visual elements, will allow you to remember what you need to do  in the heat of a difficult conversation. Your communication will improve, as well as your relationships.

The brain processes visual elements 60.000 times faster than text, and visual elements help to improve learning in a 400%.  This model is easy to learn and remember.


Intimacy is "In To Me You See".  You surrender and allow yourself to be fully “YOU”. You show up with your strengths and your flaws. You let go the fear to be judged. You are raw in essence.
The sensation is complex. You feel whole and you feel empty. You have nothing else to give, because you have given it all.

It is scary, challenging. It takes you out of your comfort zone, and it is magical. When you do it fully, you will never be quite the same again. 


Compassion is a kind and friendly presence in the face of what is difficult. 

It is about understanding what it is to be human and acknowledge that this is not always easy... neither for you, nor for others.

Compassionate people don´t beat themselves or others up when things don´t go their way, and are capable of feeling or showing sympathy or concern for people.