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Coaching & Training on Leaderself


Leadership starts with oneself. To create the life you want you first need to be a good leader of yourself. That is what Leaderself  is all about.... mastering yourself!


What if you could live your life knowing what you want and following through on your plans or dreams with intention?

What if you could understand better what you need and ask for it?

What if you were more aware of who you are, and how you think and behave, to live intentionally and make conscious choices in life?

What if learning new skills and creative tools could help you in that journey?

AND ...

What if your dreams and goals are not as important as the experience in itself, what you learn during the process... the journey!

So, if you are ready to go all-in for this fascinating leaderself journey, I am ready too.

Let´s do this together!


- You and your life: 

Explore about yourself and gain new skills to enhance areas of your life which are important to you (see below "the wheel of life"). 

- Intimacy: 

Discover how to be more vulnerable in your life and relationships; how to build intimacy.

- Relational intelligence & behaviors  management: 

Learn how to better understand your thoughts, behaviors and emotions, and direct and focus your attention and energy towards what really matters to you. Explore new skills, tools and creative strategies that will help you to build a growth mindset and turn your challenges in life as opportunities to expand yourself and evolve. Learn how to better relate to others and the world around you.

All that through:
One-on-one coaching, mentoring and/or training workshops.