Meet Raquel 

I am a Life & Intimacy Coach and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. Trained at the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) in London, the world's largest coach training and leadership development school, and pioneer in positioning coaching and responsible relationships as core leadership competences. Accredited by the International Coach Federation.

I have a work experience of 25 years. I have worked in global environments with different cultures and languages (English, Spanish and French).

Coaching changed my life, personally and professionally. After years of being a lawyer and a social entrepreneur, I came across  coaching  rather by coincidence. My coaching and leadership training and experience with the Co-Active Institute  was a turning point in my life, and I decided to become a Certified Co-Active Coach to serve others and give back what I had received. I soon discovered that my passion and personal quest was about bringing the Co-Active model to intimacy, embodiment, relationships and sexuality. 

My coaching is focused on women´s growth and development and my mission is to support them to build and create the life they want with consciousness and self-confidence and intention.

My sense of purpose

I am on purpose when I am my true and genuine self at work and in my relationships, when I embody my  female power, and I use in life, consciously and with intention, my masculine and feminine energies. 

I believe in women and their enormous ability to transform challenges into opportunities, discomfort into beauty and obstacles into magic.

"Love sits at the core of what it is to be human" as anthropologist Dr. Anna Machin points out. 
When a woman loves fiercely -loves herself, loves her partner or lover, loves her children, loves her work- earth trembles. 

What I love about coaching is when clients recognise how many choices they have,  and how they can change the way they approach a situation. Instead of just letting things happen to them, they take charge and start living with intention. 

What they say about me

"Raquel is one of the most authentic coaches you will ever meet. If you´re looking for a real change in your life and want a coach that will both, hold you and challenge you, go for Raquel!" A.B. (U.K.)

"I felt respectfully understood, gentled guide into a territory that I would normally not explore with such calm and perspective. I felt I could embrace the topic. I felt safe and sound under her authenticity and her assertiveness"  F. (U.K.)

"Raquel is a very perceptive, caring and supportive coach. Her questions helped me consider goals and challenges from new perspectives, and identify smaller steps I can take toward long-term goals" Simone F. (U.S.A)

"Our sessions gave me courage to ask for something I found difficult. Asking for something important has been a great difficulty all my life, but this time I did" Lynne V. (France)


Raquel Ferrer Ramírez

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach