I am a life, relational intelligence and intimacy coach and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC).

I am also, and above all, a long-life learner and an insatiable person. Hungry for life. 

I see life as a playground where we can enjoy, explore and discover new things about ourselves, and others, every single day; And obstacles and challenges as opportunities to grow if we choose an open mindset. 

I firmly believe that all we need is within, and we can reach it with self-awareness. 

What they say 

"Raquel is one of the most authentic coaches you will ever meet. If you´re looking for a real change in your life and want a coach that will both, hold you and challenge you, go for Raquel!" Alex B. (U.K.)

"I felt respectfully understood, gentled guide into a territory that I would normally not explore with such calm and perspective. I felt I could embrace the topic. I felt safe and sound under her authenticity and her assertiveness"  Frederick (U.K.)

"Raquel is a very perceptive, caring and supportive coach. Her questions helped me consider goals and challenges from new perspectives, and identify smaller steps I can take toward long-term goals" Simone F. (U.S.A)

"Our sessions gave me courage to ask for something I found difficult. Asking for something important has been a great difficulty all my life, but this time I did" Lynne V. (France)

"Raquel´s coaching gave me freedom"  Amparo (Spain)

"Raquel helps you to bring clarity to your life by making yourself asking the right questions" Miguel (Spain)


Raquel Ferrer Ramírez

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.
  • Graduate of the Leadership Program (2018-2019) run by the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI)
  • 15 months of clinical training on relational intelligence with the well-known Belgian psychotherapist Esther Perel.
  • 6+ years dealing with difficult interactions and challenging behaviors within relationships and family contexts, from a neurological and psychological perspective.
  • 25+ years of work experience in different languages, countries and with different cultures.
  • Working languages: English and Spanish.
  • Clients from USA, UK, Spain, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden.
Areas of specialization:
- Life & Dreams: pursuing them in a healthy way, caring for your mind, body and soul.
- Relationships & Intimacy: building bridges between what it is and can be.